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Bamboo Village Villa, Ubud, Bali

Bamboo Village Villa

Type of Building Villa
Location Ubud, Bali
Wide Areas 1800m2
Wide Building -
Awards -

The project is located in Ubud District, Bali Provence, Indonesia. Until this moment, Ubud is one of best known as the land of the farmer; settled amongst rice paddies and its agricultural community while preserving their tradition. From the beginning, the owner used to make it clear that he wished to monetize this 1.800 m2 property into a nine-unit residential complex. However, GeTs Architects realized that if it takes a broader perspective to be looked at, this project will have a greater value; not only to the owner’s requirements but also to the society and the locations it’s supposed to serve. GeTs Architects would like to concentrate on how to maintain a balance between the building and the surrounding. Therefore, the design integrates two programs within one private resort area: agricultural experience and leisure family vacation.