As a founder and principled architect in GeTs Architects, he has accomplished many residential projects that some of those consist of renovation projects, villas and etc. He always explores his ideas totally to create qualified and innovative designs with limitedness found. It is a challenge in order to produce more potential designs.

No restriction in design is a principle of him. He believes that architecture belongs to everyone. He has a desire to create experience of space that can be felt by his client personally and meet with the needs either physically or psychologically. That’s why developing good communication and positioning client to be a part of the team are his strength of design.

2000 : accomplished his Degree from Trisakti University
2001 : as an Architect in Wahana Architects
2002 : as a founder and principle in Linear Architect
2007-2017 : as an principle in Wahana Architects
2017-now : as an principal in GeTs Architects


Principle Architect : Gerard Tambunan
Team : Diana Pardede / Aleicia Vidya / Reza Fadillah / Dian Indah / Joshua Raharjo / Lusiana Tambunan / Griselda Vania