“Limitation in design process leads to a strong concept of space making in order to create an enhancement in life quality. ”


GeTs is an architecture studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by Gerard Tambunan who known as an architect that has great concern for soul of space in his works. Our projects ranging from residential, office, villa, commercial building and education building. We always try to undertake innovation designs which adjust the situation and the limitedness we found.

Simple, comfortable, contextual with the environment is our concern in design. We believe that good design in architecture will enhance the quality of life as well. That’s why our team in designing endeavors to create quality of space life of the user, environment and space.


2022 - 1st Winner IAI Malang,
Sayembara Gagasan Desain Stadion Brantas Kota Batu

2022 - Golden Trezzini Awards Finalist,
Category Best Implemented Project of Private Residences - GOLFFN

2020 - IAI Jakarta Award,
Category of Private Residential - Guma

2018 - IAI Jakarta Award,
Category of Commercial Building – Dee Studio GeTs

2017 - IAI Jakarta Award,
Category of Residential – Dee Roemah

2015 - IAI National Award,
Category of Residential – Dee Roemah